Romero “Jacare” Cavalcanti

Romero Jacare Cavalcanti
  • Head Coach
  • Chief Instructor
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts,
  • Submission Wrestling

Romero Cavalcanti Wikipedia

Born in 1952, Jacare´ began his BJJ training at 11 years old. At the age of 16, he joined the famous Gracie School in Copacabana where he grew up. Jacare´ and the Gracies lived in the same neighborhood, so, he got to met all of them. He was in the same BJJ class as Carlos Gracie Jr., Crolin Gracie, Fabio Santos, Mauricio Gomes, the Machados, Rickson Gracie, and many others.

After competing extensively from 1972 to 1985 and working as an assistant instructor at the Gracie School, Jacare´ opened his first school in Ipenema, Brazil. He soon became one of the most respected instructors in Brazil, going on to found and coach the the famous powerhouse Alliance Team. Among many important titles the Alliance Team has won is seven World Championships (1998/1999/2008/2009/2010/2011/2012). The Alliance is home to world class fighters like Fabio Gurgel (four time World Champion), Marcelo Garcia, Malfacine, Terere, Bernardo Faria, Gabi Garcia, Luanna Alzuguir, Fernando Gurgel, Gigi, Felipe Neto, Cobrinha, Lucas Lepri, Tarsis Humphries, Micheal Lungi, Soluco, Ian McPherson, Rafael Rosenda, Chris Moriarty, Babs, Sergio Moraes, Batista, Diogo, Vlad Williams, Ed Kennedy and many others.

Jacare attended school in New York in the 70’s and came to love this country like his own, so, he moved backed to the US with his family in 1995 and opened his first American school in Miami, FL. He later moved to Atlanta in late 1996 and quickly established a very successful school. He developed a very solid team with competitors like Bull Shaw, Elijah Gardner, Ron Miller, Jason Miller, Ryan Ellison, Damien Stely, Jeff Joslin, Pat Harvey, Kenny McClendon, Chad LeBrun, and many others. Jacare`s school is now the main school in the Southeast US for BJJ, self-defense, and mixed martial arts (MMA).

Respected and recognized for his outstanding technique and expertise in training competitive fighters for over twenty years, Jacare´, in association with Matt Larson, was chosen by the Army Rangers in Fort Benning, GA. and several Law Enforcement Agencies as their main instructor. He makes his system very easy to learn and his classes are fun and exciting where everyone is treated like family. Jacare´ says BJJ has made him a better person by teaching him patience, respect, and confidence.

  • Bachelor Degree in Physical Ed. (Gama Filho University Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1978)
  • 7th Degree Red and Black Belt, BJJ (1982 Gracie School)
  • Head Coach Alliance Team, USA/Brazil, est. 1985
  • Director/Instructor Alliance Martial Arts Center Atlanta, GA
  • Consultant/Instructor US Army Rangers Fort Bennings, GA (hand-to-hand combat)
  • Founder/Referee Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation
  • President Georgia State BJJ/Submission Wrestling Federation
  • Personal Competition Titles
  • Two Times Brazilian Champion
  • Many times Rio de Janeiro State Champion
  • 2014 World Champion, California, USA
  • 2013 World Champion, California, USA
  • 2013 European Champion, Lisbon, Portugal
  • 2012 World Champion, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2012 Pan Am Champions, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2012 European 3rd Place, Lisbon, Portugal
  • 2011 World Champion, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2011 European Champion, Lisbon, Portugal
  • 2011 Pan Am Champions, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2010 World Champions, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2010 Pan Am Champions, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2010 European Champion, Lisbon, Portugal
  • 2009 World Champions, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2008 Pan Am Champions, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2008 World Champions, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2005 NAGA GA State Champions
  • 2005 Arnold/Gracie Championship, Columbus, OH. 1st place
  • 2004 NAGA GA State Champions
  • 2004 Pan American Champions, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2004 Arnold/Gracie Championship, Columbus, OH. 2nd place
  • 2004 Budweiser World Champions, Charlotte, NC.
  • 2003 Pan Am master/seniors, Santa Barbara, Ca. 1st place
  • 2003 Pan Am adult division, Santa Barbara, Ca. 2nd place
  • 2003 Pan Am, Santa Barbara, Ca. 2nd place overall.
  • 2003 Nashville Grappling Chapionship. 1st. place.
  • 2003 World Championship. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 2nd place.
  • 2003 World Cup. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 2nd place.
  • 2002 NAGA GA State Champions.Atlanta, Ga.
  • Pan Am Women’s 2000 Championship
  • Pro-AM 2000 Championships North Carolina
  • Two times World 1998/1999 Championship
  • Griffin, Calhoun, Dalton, Georgia Championships
  • Includes NHB and Submission with Strikes
  • Three Times Brazilian Championship
  • Many times Rio de Janeiro State Championship
  • 2008 Instructor of the Year
  • 2005 Inducted into the Grappling Hall of Fame
  • Elected Coach of the Year by the International Fighting Federation
  • United States Jiu Jitsu Federation Accredited Black Belt Professor
  • Abdul Mutakabbir
  • Alexandre Paiva
  • Alfredo “Pouca Telha” Araujo
  • Allen Mohler
  • Anderson “Sarruco” Xavier
  • April Robinson
  • Aquil Abdush-Shkur
  • Bobby V.
  • Bull Shaw
  • Carlos “Pinduca” Carvalho
  • Casey Baynes
  • Chris Moriarty
  • Claudio “Toti” Lino
  • Dragan Koncevic
  • Ed Kennedy
  • Eduardo “Jamelao” Conceicao
  • Eric Gravitt
  • Fabio Gurgel
  • Felipe “Zicro” Neto
  • Glen Goodhart
  • Humberto Borges
  • Jeff Joslin
  • Jeff Malasek
  • Kenny McClendon
  • Leonardo Alcantara “Leozinho” Vieira
  • Luis Felipe “Mentirinha” Costa
  • Luis Rubalcava
  • Fernando “Magrao” Gurgel
  • Maajid Al-Kush
  • Marcelo “Telo” Mendes
  • Mark Van Schuyver
  • Matt Larsen
  • Michele da Mata
  • Octavio Henrique “Ratinho” Couto da Silva, Jr.
  • Pat Harvey
  • Paulo Abreu
  • Paulo “Portuga” Bodas
  • Paulo Caram
  • Paulo Sergio Santos
  • Pericles Laudier
  • Ricardinho Vieira
  • Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller
  • Roberto Werneck
  • Roger Patrick Brooking
  • Ron Miller
  • Todd Hendricks
  • Vlad Williams
  • Kevin Moran
  • Ian McPherson

“I want to make a difference and leave a legacy to this world.” ~ Jacare´

Chris “Cabecão” Moriarty

Chris Cabecão Moriarty
  • Chris “Cabecão” Moriarty
  • Instructor
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Submission Wrestling

Chris Moriarty is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Jacare. He is a two-time World Champion and a 2007 Abu Dhabi competitor. Having won more than 180 Jiu Jitsu/Submission wrestling matches, he has a special interest in the competitive aspects of the art. Chris also speaks fluent Portuguese and has a degree in biology from Georgia Tech.

If you want to see the true potential of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, then you shouldn’t miss this opportunity. You will be amazed.


  • CBJJ Pan American Championship – Second Place Absolute Brown Belt
  • CBJJ Pan American Championship – Champion Heavyweight Brown Belt
  • CBJJ World Championship – Champion Heavyweight Brown Belt
  • Columbus Open – Champion Absolute Gi Division


  • Budweiser World Cup – 2nd place Professional Division (middleweight)
  • CBJJ World Championship – Champion Heavyweight Brown Belt
  • ADCC – Quarter-Finalist
  • South Jersey Grappling II – Champion Professional Division (under 199 lbs)


  • Arnold Classic – Champion Heavyweight Brown Belt
  • Budweiser World Cup – Champion Professional Division (Middleweight)
  • NAGA Georgia – Champion Absolute no gi Division
  • Abu Dhabi North American Qualifiers – Champion (>88 kilos)
  • South Bay Open – Champion Advanced Heavyweight
  • CBJJ World Championship – Third Place Heavyweight Brown Belt
  • CBJJO World Cup – Third Place Absolute Brown Belt
  • CBJJO World Cup – Third Place Heavyweight Brown Belt
  • Southern Draw Grappling Championships – Champion Absolute Professional Division
  • NAGA US Nationals – Champion Absolute no gi Division
  • Submission Grappler of the Year for 2006
  • Rated #1 Brown Belt by Grapplers Quest


  • Arnold Classic – Champion Light Heavyweight Purple Belt
  • Gi Pan Ams – Champion Light Heavyweight
  • Nashville Open – Champion Absolute Purple Belt
  • Music City Open – Champion Middleweight Professional Division
  • NAGA Georgia – Absolute Gi Champion
  • GQ Southeast – Champion Absolute Purple Belt
  • GQ US Nationals – Champion Absolute Purple Belt
  • Ultimate Man’s Weekend – Champion Light Heavyweight no gi and purple belt
  • Rated #1 Purple Belt by Grapplers Quest


  • Budweiser World Cup – Champion Middleweight advanced no gi and purple belt
  • Arnold Classic – Champion Light Heavyweight Purple Belt
  • Relson Gracie Nationals – Champion Light Heavyweight Purple Belt
  • Kumite Classic – Superfight Winner

D.J. Farmer

D.J. Farmer
  • D.J. Farmer
  • Instructor
  • Phase II Certified – Intermediate
  • Phase I Certified – Fundamentals
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

D.J. Farmer is a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Jacare. He started training in 1998 at the First Academy that Jacare opened in Atlanta. He has trained with Cobrinha, Fabio Gurgel, Leonardo Vieira, Marcelo Garcia, Terere, Comprido, Fernando Gurgel, Felipe Neto, and many other of the Teams most Valuable competitors. D.J. prides himself in staying up to date on the latest technical improvements of the game and is always looking to learn “a few new” moves. People joking call him the Jiu Jitsu encyclopedia around the Academy.

Bobby V.

Bobby V.
  • Bobby V.
  • Instructor
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Bobby V. has been training under Master Jacare since 2002, and recently awarded Black belt in 2011 with two gold medals at the Pan American Championship.

Jonathan “Macarrao” Thomas

  • Jonathan “Macarrao” Thomas
  • Instructor
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Jonathan Thomas is a Brown Belt in Brazilian and he is a 3x Pan American and 2x World champion. He is a full time Jiu Jitsu competitor. Jonathan moved to Atlanta to pursue his goals of becoming a top level Black Belt competitor.

Notable Tournaments

  • 2012 – Atlanta Open Brown Belt Feather Weight Champion
  • 2011 – Pan American and World Champion – Brown Belt
  • 2009 – Pan American and World Champion – Purple Belt
  • 2007 – Pan American Champion – Blue Belt

Trenton Cooke

  • Trenton Cooke
  • Instructor
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Submission Wrestling

Trenton Cooke is a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo. Before his recent move from New York to Atlanta he had been teaching jiu-jitsu for three years and developed a particular interest in teaching children’s jiu-jitsu. In New York, he developed a phenomenal kid’s curriculum where he taught children and teens with ages ranging from 3 to 17. Trenton’s passion for jiu-jitsu shines through his ability to be a very detailed and effective instructor for both children and adults. His passion for helping students has led him to pursue Health Coaching and an M.S. in Sports Health Science.

Brien Calloway

Brien Calloway
  • Brien Calloway
  • Cardio Kick Boxing Instructor
  • Personal Trainer

Brien holds an Associates Degree in Sports Management. He is certified by National Council for Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT) as a personal trainer. In addition he holds CPR, AED and First Aid certifications from American Heart Association. Brien began his fitness career in 2002 with L.A. fitness. In 2003 he started a personal training company. He has two years experience as an assistant boxing coach, 2006-2007.